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Roped Up: With Zac St. Jules

“I’m pretty inspired by routes that don’t get climbed much. I think routes that require incessant vigilance on conditions are really cool because they demand focus on something that may never materialize. That just seems like a really sincere approach to the adventurous side of climbing.”

Chronicles of the Overly Motivated

By Courtney Ley I’ve been inflicted by a disease.  It leaves my muscles constantly sore, my body screaming for sleep and my family and friends worried about my mental stability.   I become antsy and unable to sit idle for too long. I prefer the trunk of my car to my soft bed and prefer pre-dawn hours […]

Adirondack Mountainfest 2013 from the Air

by Courtney Ley   The NEice helicopters and flight crew were busy during this year’s Adirondack Mountainfest! Doug and I arrived on Thursday night with the helicopters calibrated, charged up and ready to fly.  We were on a mission to capture some footage of the spectacular ice climbing that the Adirondacks has to offer. We […]

A Season Within a Season

Article by Courtney Ley It is when one season weakens and surrenders to the growing strength of another that we can most clearly see the movement of time changing space.  The leaves brown, crumble and fall at our feet.  The water slowly comes to a halt and freezes.  It is quiet and I’m alone.  As […]