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Festiglace Friday #6

Great ice climbing along the Jacques Cartier River. Pont-Rouge, Quebec

Festiglace Friday #5

Yan Mongrain on a variation of Le Tube, Pont-Rouge Quebec. Festiglace Pont-Rouge

Logan Bread

Looking for an alternative to energy/food bars? Logan bread could be the answer.

Panther Gorge – The Guide Book

If you want to explore the remote Panther Gorge in the Adirondacks and get away from the crowds, this is a must-have guide

Festiglace Friday #4

The best way to eat hot maple syrup as an ice climber in Quebec!

The Black Dike and Area Conditions 11-17-19

Angel Eyes did a flyby of the Black Dike area on Cannon Cliff Sunday 11-17-19

Festiglace Friday #3

Competitors compete for the greatest climber award – Festiglace, Pont-Rouge Quebec.

Festiglace Friday #2

This is where it all started for me. While my wife went shopping in Quebec city, I was out in search of this Pont-Rough with its spectacular ice columns.

Festiglace 2020

The return of FESTIGLACE!