Win a pair of DMM Apex Ice Axes

To win all you have to do is answer a question correctly at the link below.

Test Drive the range of DMM Ice Axes.
DMM will be at the Mount Washington Valley Ice Festival in North Conway, New Hampshire.

Climbers set sights on Ithaca's ice

Photo: A climber ascends ice at Six Mile Creek gorge during Ithaca’s Light in Winter Festival 2004. The City issued a special permit to people to demonstrate ice climbing during the festival.

Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia at Mountainfest

I can’t wait to see this!

Friday Night! / 8pm

Born to Fail: A Slideshow

Michael Wejchert takes us on a fun fill journey of his climbing life.

Live Your Dream Grant 2015

Great suggestions from the Regional Managers and grant committee members for sending in the best application possible.

Get Jim Ewing back to Maine Fund

Let’s get Jim Ewing home to Maine! Sam Morton has setup a fundraiser account so that friends and family can help bring Jim home. Jim has been a friend to everyone in some way or another in the NE community — whether in person, online or through one of the many routes and crags he pioneered. To contribute, click on ‘Read more here..’

'Ladies Only' Winter Climbing Series offered by CMG

The Ladies Only Winter Climbing Series includes two ice climbing weekends (intro and intermediate) and one mountaineering weekend. They are affordable and discounted if you register for more than one! They include group dinner, group yoga, equipment rental and two full days of climbing or mountaineering instruction. Each workshop will be limited to eight registrants.

Poke-O Access

Please respect the owners property rights and don’t trespass. Use the standard trails from the campground to access the cliff. Please see the information below and tell all your climbing friends. Thank You! – Doug Millen


Positive Thinking – Poke-O-Moonshine NY


Climbers should be aware that the land in front of the Main Face at Poke-O is private. Climbers need to use the main trail that runs from the [now closed] campground to the Main Face near Discord. Under no circumstances should climbers approach directly from the road. Of course it’s totally fine to scope out your routes from the shoulder of the road.

There have been several incidents where ice climbers have inadvertently wandered into the private property in front of the cliff. The local land owners have no tolerance for this and will close access should climbers continue to trespass. The Access Fund, with funds raised by The Mountaineer, have added signs to help delineate the boundaries and instruct climbers to stay on the cliff-base trail. Please be extra vigilant and stay on the trail that runs along the base of the cliff. -Jim Lawyer


Poke-O-Moonshine NY

Waterfall Ice Study

Information every Ice Climber should know


Some sound advice form NEice Ambassador Ryan Stefiuk of Bigfoot Mountain Guides.