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Ice Climbing Areas of the Northeast

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Auburn Ice Canyon
Baxter State Park
Champney Falls
Chute Montmorency
Dixville Notch
Evens Notch
Franconia Notch
Frankenstein Cliff
Grafton Notch
Grand Jardins
Lake Willoughby
Mount Kineo
Mount Webster
Mount- Saint - Pierre
New Brunswick
New Found Lake
Nova Scotia
Painted Walls
Parc des Hautes-Gorges
Perce - QB
Presidential Range
Salmon River Gorge
Shell Pond
Smugglers Notch
Ten Mile Pond - NF
The Gap
The Narrows
Western Brook Pond - NF

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An Ice Climbers Guide to the Catskill Mountains – 3rd edition

Ok, it’s been longer than expected but I am now holding a hard copy proof of the third edition to An Ice Climbers Guide to the Catskill Mountains in my hand!

If everything goes as planned, it will be on shelves before the holidays.

It’s 248 pages now includes 8 new areas, color aerial photos, topo maps, and an additional 200+ routes.

~ Marty

The Great Gulf

The Great Gulf

THE GREAT GULF by Courtney Ley The Great Gulf.  There could be no other name for it.  When I look at it from the vantage point of Mt Clay, I imagine the walls of this giant cirque begin to expand suddenly, high rocks and cliffs start breaking apart and tumble into its gaping mouth. I […]

Training for the new alpinism

Training for the New Alpinism

Thank you all for the great comments on the book and the book cover. After almost three years slaving away on this both Scott and I are grateful and honored to hear such enthusiasm from so many people all over the world. Very psyched!

~Steve House

North Gully, Huntington Ravine 2.22.13

        The calm before the storm and another beautiful day in the alpine zone. One week earlier Doug and I enjoyed the “calm” with entirely different conditions in Madison Gulf.  This time we experienced mid March weather on February 22. Enjoy and get ready for the long days of March. Alan Cattabriga […]