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The Monster at Lake Champlain

evin Mahoney and Alden Pellett having fun escaping from “The Monster” during a midday break from their gear demo responsibilities at The 19 annual Adirondack Mountainfest. * Click photos to enlarge Photos by Doug Millen Kevin Mahoney – Mahoney Alpine Adventures The Mountaineer – Keene Valley NY

Frankensteins South Face

onditions are everything in ice climbing and they happened this past week on the South Face of Frankenstein Cliff. This extended cold spell and cloudy skies have brought in some great ice climbing on the South Face. On Saturday we climbed the rare visitor “Cocaine” in “Fat” conditions and had a grand view of Peter Doucette putting up […]

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow!

One Reckless Youth, an Ice Devil and several Polar children Times like these don’t come along often, I mean, when was the last “Polar Vortex”? But when they do, you better be ready. The conditions were ripe for the picking last week on Whitehorse & Cathedral Ledges, North Conway NH. Peter Doucette – Mountain Sense Guides – along […]