NEice 2.0

The leaves are starting to turn and the nights are cooler. Soon we will enter another season of ice climbing and I am excited. This marks the 18th season for

At the end of last season the site was hacked by spammers. After days of work, over many weeks we finally cleaned up the infected files and code. But the cleanup has left NEice severely crippled. One big issue is the Forum and Photo Post are down and need to be reinstalled.

It’s time for a total remake of the site and I need help. More importantly I looking for a partner. Someone or Organization that lives and breathes Northeast Ice Climbing. They would help with the site and eventually take over I am looking for a Partner and Two Interns to help with the site this season.

The NEice model was based on how things worked pre Facebook and Instagram. When I started NEice phones did not take photos and were not connected to the internet. I was one of the few with a digital camera. The new site will take advantages of the latest social platforms and technology. I have many other ideas and need help implementing them.

It is time to rethink NEice from the bottom up.

If you are interested please email me at


• Experience with Word Press

• Experience in crafting articles for web sites

• Connections to the Northeast Ice Climbing Community

• A never-ending obsession for ice climbing

I also need donations to help with the cost of reinstalling the Forum and Photo Post section and other expenses to upgrade the site.

Please help by donating to the site. Make a Donation to help rebuild NEice

I hope to have the new site up by the end of October 2017. Just in time for the ice.

Thank you
Doug Millen

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