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It’s about Time, Where have you Been?

Winter is finally headed our way Last weeks warm weather took it’s toll. On Saturday conditions looked worse than the week before. But on Sunday, with a night of below freezing temps the ice is starting to form again. There is plenty of water flowing and a dusting of snow to feed it. The forecast calls for below […]

Layering 101

Layering 101

Dialing in your Alpine System for Optimal Performance and Protection By William Bevans The Three Layer System Your comfort and even survival in the backcountry is highly dependent on your layering system. Since a single piece of apparel cannot do the job, many different layers are used in sync to adapt to the constantly changing conditions. […]

Look Sharp

“In ice climbing, as in life, being dull isn’t cool. A dull edge, whether a crampon point or an ice tool pick, takes more effort to drive into the ice. Blunt tools also feel considerably less secure and shatter more ice, sending debris down upon your belayer. If you find your climbing plagued by these […]

The Expected and Unexpected of Early Season

Splashing through the rushing water currents on the trail did not invoke confidence that anything would be frozen up higher.  Still, my climbing partner and I did not slow our pace into King Ravine.  We climbed over the countless snow covered boulders trying not to slip into the human eating crevasses as we picked our […]

The Black Dike 10-26-16

“The Dike”, She GO! 10-26-16

The Black Dike Cannon Cliff, Franconia State Park NH October 26, 2016 Peter Doucette and Keith Sidle found just enough winter on Cannon cliff today to climb “The Black Dike”. They found thin, wet and bonded ice with just enough gear to get up the climb. Peter always seems to be in the right place, at […]

Pinnacle – 10-25-16

And here we go! “Thin ice, delicate climbing, and the nastiest spin drift I’ve ever experienced made for a decent October solo of Pinnacle. Have at it folks. Just bring some fancy footwork.” – Zac St. Jules Source: Facebook,  Instagram

Still a few copies left! An Ice Climbers Guide to Northern New England

The last and final printing of the “An Ice Climbers Guide to Northern New England” by S. Peter Lewis and Rick Wilcox.

2017 – UIAA Ice Climbing Calendar

The UIAA is delighted to announce the final event dates for the 2017 UIAA Ice Climbing season. UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup 16-17 December, Durango, Colorado (USA) 7-8 January, Beijing (China) 14-15 January, Cheongsong (South Korea) 20-21 January, Saas Fee (Switzerland) 27-29 January, Rabenstein (Italy) UIAA Ice Climbing World Championships 4-5 February, Champagny-en-Vanoise (France) Youth Event 14-15 […]

Ice Climbers Guide to Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Ice Guide – 2nd Edition

Roger Fage has refined and updated his Nova Scotia Ice Climbing Guide and has generously put it online for free!

Harvard Cabin – Work Weekend

October 14-16, 2016 You’re Invited! – Click Here to Sign-Up Harvard Cabin Mountaineers, Hope everyone had fun and safe summer season. Marcia and I are currently traveling east towards New Hampshire. Having left Moab, Utah a few days ago we are on course for a just-in-time arrival to the 2016 Harvard Cabin Work Weekend set […]