New ADK Ice Guide in the Works!



Don Mellor and Drew Haas are working on a new guidebook for Adirondack Ice Climbing. This will update the current guide “Blue Lines”, and will be the 2nd edition.
They are looking for photos of Adirondack ice climbing for the new guide book scheduled to be released next year.

** South and Central areas especially! **

In general Don and Drew are looking for:

  • Route Photos
  • Climber Action shots
  • Cliff Overview
  • Old Photos too

All information and photos are welcome, they will cull through them to see what works with the new guide.

Please forward all photos to [email protected]

They will also take slides & regular photos. Just send to or drop off @ The Mountaineer. They can scan them and get them back to you.

The Mountaineer

1866 NYS RT 73
Keene Valley NY 12943

We eagerly await this new ice climbing guide. So much has happened since the last edition.

Don & Drew thank you in advance for all the help!

Source: [email protected], Don Mellor and Drew Hass

~Doug Millen

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