Dragon Tales

By Pedro I Espina Have you ever seen how water, trapped between rock and ice, is forced by gravity to dance along an intricate labyrinth of micro-channels on its way from the high snowfields to the river below? Every spring in the highlands, this dance is repeated as winter withdraws until next year. Occasionally, water […]

Trad Climbing

You know you’re a trad climber when… •All your draws are 12” long • your kid climbs harder than you do • you’ve worn out a set of cams • there is scar tissue on the back of your hands • you shave the back of your hands • you have six partially used rolls of […]

Trends and Analysis

Ice Climbing Participation Trends and Analysis by Tom Stuessy Introduction In the spring of 2005 NEIce was asked to help with an ice climbing research effort.  The site’s owner, Doug Millen, agreed to assist and posted the survey on the web page. The study focused on how perceptions of risk, creativity, and challenge while at […]


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Mixed Climbing / Echo Crag

(c) Doug Millen

Video – Party of Five!

Climbers on Repentance, Cathedral Ledge NH.

Festiglace 2007

(c) Doug Millen

The Trifecta

Pinnacle, Shoestring and The Throat in a day By Alan Cattabriga The Details: 1. Pinnacle: Leave Car 6am,  Back down 9:15am.  (3hrs. 15min.) 2. Shoestring: Leave car 10:20am,  Back down 12:10 (1hr.50min.) 3. The Throat: Leave car 1pm, Back down 5:50pm. (5hrs.50min.) Total Time: 10 hrs. 55 min. Total Distance: 16.07 Miles Total Elevation Gain: […]

Mt. Ruapehu

North Island, New Zealand Graham Johnson climbing Ice on Mt. Ruapehu. Photo by: F. Stephens

Silent Spring

The Bethel Crag by Josh Hurst / Photos by Eric Eisele and Ian Austin Finally got the job done!  Super psyched! We called it Silent Spring, M12 The real praise goes to Ian who was a patient driver and belayer for the 4 days of redpoint attempts and 3 days needed to equip the route.  […]