The Black Dike and Area Conditions 11-17-19

Franconia Notch NH
November 17, 2019
Flight by Doug Millen / Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes did a flyby of the Black Dike area on Cannon Cliff Sunday. He found some climbers on the Dike and a very dry Omega wall. All in all not looking to bad for this time of year. It’s been so cold the ground water is actually starting to lock up and things look a little dry. This coming week’s precip and slightly warmer temps should help to build better conditions. Enjoy the Black Dike guide below put together by David Lottmann and the NEice E-guide of Franconia Notch.

Photos 11-17-19

Photos: (c) Doug Millen /

A Black Dike Guide

David Lottmann of Northeast Alpine Start has a great Guide for the Black Dike. You can view it here…

NEice E-guide