ADK Mountainfest 2019

The Mountaineer’s 23rd annual Adirondack Mountainfest kicks off January 18th.

This premiere Adirondack outdoor adventure event runs through the weekend, featuring the latest and greatest demo gear to test for free, evening climbing presentations by elite athletes, fun instructive clinics on ice climbing ranging from easy to very hard. Also the event offers exciting workshops in mountaineering, avalanche awareness and adventure snowshoeing.’s Doug Millen will be heading around to the clinics with his traditional free hot soup as well!

Go here for the entire Mountainfest 2019 Schedule

Patagonia Ambassador Anne Gilbert Chase

Friday evening’s slideshow features Patagonia Ambassador Anne Gilbert Chase out of Bozeman, Montana. Gilbert Chase has climbed around the world, including India, Patagonia, France, Spain, Alaska and Canada, including the Northwest Face of Half Dome (2200’ VI 5.12a/b or 5.9 C1) in a day, Yosemite National Park, California.

Patagonia Ambassador Colin Haley

Saturday night Patagonia Ambassador Colin Haley from Seattle, Washington, will talk about his adventures and first ascents in Alaska and Patagonia such as the first solo ascent of Cerro Standhardt via the Exocet route, Nov 2010. Cerro Standhardt, Patagonia.

Sunday night Canadian neighbor Bernard Mailhot will present his years of climbing hard ice and numerous impressive first ascents in Quebec. Mailhot put up first ascents like Moby Dick (WI5+ M7) and Double 7 (WI7 M7) out on the Gaspe Peninsula.


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