The Wilford Finish

Peter Doucette &  Michael Wejchert refusing to give up winter!

The alarm went off at 5:30 a.m.
Staggering downstairs, I pushed aside empty PBR cans and groped for the french press. The high school themed party (I never thought I’d dress like a guidance counselor before) was a rollicking success. While I wisely stayed away from whiskey and other such temptations, my room, located 15 feet away from the epicenter of revelries, afforded little chance of rest.
Let’s just say the optimism and excitement that usually welcomes in the ice season is gone by March. But with Alaska trips coming up, Peter Doucette and I thought it’d be good to stay sharp. While most friends are clipping bolts in the Red River Gorge and planning for the spring’s rock objectives, I’ve been trying to maintain winter climbing ability.

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Source: – Michael Wejchert


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