December 7, 2010

Called at the LakeThings are shaping up nicely

2nd pitch  of  “Called on Account of Rains”, Lake Willoughby VT

Photo: Ridgerunner 12 -5-10

LBD Catskills 12-7-10The Ice is Headed South!

Jason H. enjoying a nice lead on The “Little Black Dike”, Catskills, NY

Photo:  Saoirse1  12/7/10

How to hold an ice tool, “small stuff.”

“I’ve done a whack of ice climbing and coaching the same in the last two weeks, and it’s made me think of a few “small things” that make a huge difference for climbing ice. Most of this stuff is in my book or other writing somewhere, but I have to relearn it myself every season.”


Source: / Will Gadd
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