The NEice Drones

More Storage Capacity!

Meet the newest addition to my editing room. I just purchased a 2-TerraByte G Drive with FireWire ports for storing all the video files. I will still be using my USB 1-TB Seagate drive for the backup, but all my editing will be off of this drive. I can now clear out my computers storage, which was almost reaching max! It’s amazing how much room these files take up, and we haven’t even really started getting the GOOD footage. I see a second G Drive in my future..

-Submitted by Courtney Ley

Back into the Editing Room

Well, it’s back into the editing room.  We are getting ready for the Catskills Ice Festival this coming weekend and along with tuning the helicopters, the footage needs a little tuning as well.  I won’t be able to go, but I’m handing off the film to Doug to bring down with him and show off during the festival.  Learning Final Cut Pro has been quite the undertaking.. from figuring out how the program deals with files and file types, learning how to apply the endless array of image and video filters, how to adjust those filters, crop, stabilize, change speed, add text, add transitions, you name it.  And now that I am getting a grasp on editing and discovering new filters and effects to improve the quality of the video, I am spending more time in front of the computer doing it.  Yes, late nights are no stranger here.

I can’t wait to see the footage Doug gets in the Catskills.  It will be added to the growing library of clips for my hard drive to file and my editor to play around with.  Soon after the ice festivals are over, we will be posting some footage to the site, so stay tuned!

-Submitted by Courtney Ley

Fixing the Radio

With Helicopters something always needs fixing or improving.

I was trying to carry too much and I dropped the radio breaking 2 switches. We lost the day of flying but the fix is easy! Go to Radio Shack and buy new switches. They fit perfect!


Too Cold to Fly!

We were having problems with the cold (single digits) at the Smuggs Ice Bash. We think it is the radio so I got an insulated carry case that we can put hand warmers in…Let’s hope this works.


The new logo for the RC Helicopters….UP! …YES!

UP Logo