What we did on our "day off"

By Louis-Philippe Ménard

Hey Doug, thanks so much for posting a great photo of Omega last weekend (3/18/06). It convinced Max and I to take a day off of work to go do it. Although it was the coldest outing anyone of us has had during this season (they call it spring hey!!) we managed to enjoy the climb a lot. Back down though, it was still early so we decided to go on and take full opportunity of our ”day off”. The result is this:

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Omega, then walk down.

Hike back to the Black Dike. Climb it with our packs on.

Walk back to the car: It’s only 12h30! Let’s go to Willoughby!

Climbed the Promenade

Back to the car, still hungry for more… Let’s go to Pinnacle

Climbed the Gringalet, in the dark  and with very thin conditions.

That’s it!

Cheers!  – Louis-Philippe Ménard / Maxime Turgeon

“Omega was really awesome!!

The real crux of our enchainment was leaving the warmth of the car (3 times) to go to the next climb…!”