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Site Make Over!

Welcome to the New NEice! It has taken me many hrs and some big bucks to do this remake but we celebrate 10 years this year and we needed some new tools! ;-). I upgraded the community board, photopost, classified and the front page. This system will take us well into the future. I have put all […]

Rope Tips #1

Skinny Singles: How Thin Can You Go? by Justropes.com Modern single ropes keep getting thinner and thinner, pushing the envelope of what is possible for a balance of performance and weight savings. Is a “skinny” single right for you, and if so, how thin you should go? The answers depend on the type of climbing […]

How to make a V-tread

by Dave Furman More and more recently I’ve come across all sorts of gear left on ice climbs, left when people rap off or when people can’t finish a route and rap or lower off. In the interest of keeping the chat room posturing to a minimum and to help preserve everybody’s rack, here is […]


By Scott Backes Alpine Mentoring.com “IN PRACTICE” What separates a good day of climbing waterfalls from a bad one? In the first half of this In Practice piece, we dealt with the physical factors that influence our ascents. This second half deals with a much more nebulous and individual topic. What psychological and mental attitudes […]


By Scott Backes Alpine Mentoring.com “IN PRACTICE” One of the worst moments in every ice climb that is near the edge of our ability, is that instant when you stand with your tools in the ice, but your feet still on the ground. You’re looking at your belayer and he or she gives you the […]

Climber’s Library

by Richard Doucette When I first began climbing I had no idea there was such a thing as climbing literature.  A few years into it, I was hanging out with all these AMC types.  It seemed they were all a hundred years old and knew a lot more than me.  I made a fool of […]

Logan Bread

Looking for an alternative to power bars? Logan bread could be the answer. This is a bread developed for the numerous Canadian ascents on Mount Logan. A 2-by-2-inch square was said to be able to sustain a man for a day. 1 quart water 4 pounds whole wheat flour 1 1/2 pounds raw sugar or […]

X-treme Tape

Originally developed for the military, this new silicone tape is ideal for wrapping your ice tool. And with the 6 different colors it is easy to individualize your tools. It’s self-fusing, and requires no adhesive since it only bonds to itself. X-treme tape stretches to 3 times its length, conforms to irregular shapes easily, and […]

Resources for Climbers

The American Alpine Club provides new electronic resources for climbers (GOLDEN, COLO.) – The   American Alpine Club (AAC) today (Aug. 11,2003) announced the launch of a powerful new web resource that provides outdoors people with access to the catalog of one of the world’s largest outdoor libraries. The new on-line accessible database allows access to […]

Dragon Tales

By Pedro I Espina Have you ever seen how water, trapped between rock and ice, is forced by gravity to dance along an intricate labyrinth of micro-channels on its way from the high snowfields to the river below? Every spring in the highlands, this dance is repeated as winter withdraws until next year. Occasionally, water […]