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    Ice started forming Thursday night and climbing was super thin(no gear) on Friday. By Saturday morning with temps down to 10F, it more than tripled in thickness overnight. Float like a Butterfly got climbed before Noon. Even the Last Gent looked like a strong party could have done it that morning. But by then, 20 Below and others which would obviously have even taken screws were already taking a bad hit from the direct sun even with a temp around 25F. Unfortunately by Sunday morning, despite an overnight temp of 20F, everything but Zephyr, which we climbed, was flowing underneath and too delaminated, along with spots that had fallen off overnight.
    I'm not optimistic that it will get any better this week with temps above freezing during the daytime and only in the high 20's at night. Hopefully I'm wrong!

    Bernie Mailhot rapping off "Zephyr" at Lake Willoughby on Sunday morning. Crazy Diamond was starting to fall off in the background.


    20 Below Zero on Friday, 11/10, before it got much fatter overnight.
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