Willoughby 12/29

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    Temps dropped to -19F last night in the NE Kingdom, but it warmed up to -9F by the time I got there this morning at 10am. Plenty of fun stuff to climb at the Lake if you're dressed to stay warm. Water is still running down the surface on some routes making for beautiful strips of plastic ice. I got plenty of single swings up the Center Tablets once I got above the thin easy stuff down low.
    Mindbender amphitheater looks good from the road. 20 Below, Glass Menagerie, Crazy Diamond, plus all the Tablets are climbable with those wonderful strips of blue ice. Low angle parts on the lower sections of these climbs is still thin(especially Tablets) but now has a crusty snow covering. A nice trail was packed out up to the Tablets area by a party with snowshoes, so just put on your crampons at the bottom and make the hike up the path.
    Called looks in from the road but the bottom was potato chips a week ago. I doubt it's changed much but I didn't bother to hike up to the base for a look. Last Gent amphitheater stuff is growing up higher but the bottom sections still need a little more help.

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