Where is it?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Rockytop, Dec 12, 2017.


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  1. Rockytop

    Rockytop Well-Known Member Northeast Ice Climbing Guide

    A buddy and I did a couple routes at this area in the northeast a few years back after a longish approach and I'm curious if anyone else had done them prior to our climbs. They're classic single-pitch routes but pretty sure they've been done as they aren't that hard and we found a couple rock routes while there earlier in the year. Do you recognize it?

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  2. wild bill

    wild bill Member

    Near Averill ponds?
  3. Rockytop

    Rockytop Well-Known Member Northeast Ice Climbing Guide

    Bingo, Bill! Have you climbed up there?
  4. neiceadmin

    neiceadmin Doug Millen Staff Member

    Wheeler Mt.
  5. Slink

    Slink New Member

    Alden is this flow on Black mountain about 6 miles down the power lines? There are some really nice rock climbs there. There was another cliff that we didn’t get to ,closer to the ponds it has a talus field at the base.
  6. Derek Doucet

    Derek Doucet New Member

    Paul Hansen and I climbed some rock there in the late 90s. Ed Webster is rumored to have climbed there too, thoughI have no idea if that’s true.
  7. wild bill

    wild bill Member

    Scouted it a few years back, found a nice dagger in a tight right facing corner, didn’t climb anything though.
    Always thought thered be good rock routes as well. The rock is out or character for VT it seems, lots of corners from what I remember. Brousseau Mt I believe,
    Spelling I’m sure is wrong;) I was just thinking about that area and saw your pic.
  8. wild bill

    wild bill Member

    Yes Brousseau has a talus field at the bottom
  9. Slink

    Slink New Member

    Thanks Bill. The rock on Black mountain was corners and cracks for the most part. Need to get back there in the spring.

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