Underwood Canyon 1/21/17

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    Went into Underwood Canyon yesterday (1/21/17) for first time. See pics. Big Blue was big and blue. White Fang was a bit funky. Karen's Crack was fun. Not sure of the names of the other two ice routes that we climbed...didn't care...they were fun.

    Approach Beta (a bit more detailed than guide)...when traveling west on 73...malfunction junction will come into view...you will see multiple posted signs in a row on right side that end abruptly...at last posted sign in that sequence...look across street to south and you will see ab obvious posted sign...this is the start of trail. When you duck into woods...you will see posted signs on your left and "Underwood Club" 4"x4" orange diamond trail markers which will basically take you to Underwood Canyon. Follow trail markers/posted signs angling south/east up hill...signs/markers will take a right turn and down a slope into a low area with a couple stream crossings. Markers/signs will take a left and head up a steep-ish hill. About 5-10 min from base of hill...you will be on a someone level area...look to your right and you will see the mouth of Underwood Canyon.
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