Tucks trails

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by Lucas Weiss, Nov 6, 2016.


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  1. Lucas Weiss

    Lucas Weiss Active Member

    Anybody know the status of the trails up to tucks? I thought I read something about there being some work going on.
  2. Billy Bevans

    Billy Bevans Member

  3. Lucas Weiss

    Lucas Weiss Active Member

    Thanks Billy.
    So, you basically have to go up the huntington trail nearly to the harvard cabin?
    No point at that point not going to Huntington instead!
  4. Billy Bevans

    Billy Bevans Member

    The detour dumps you out right at the avy cache on the firewood just before Harvard Cabin. You can take the Raymond Path (I think blue markers) on the right (10 minutes) which will dump you out by the hermit lake shelters and hojos. Its quite a wild detour ! I def don't recommend it in the dark or with skis but hey... The sherb runs parallel to tucks but apparently machinery is running up and down that trail... They are doing bridge construction ( I think the last bridge ) so its a legit detour... nothing no one wants to mess with. If your plans were Tucks or Huntington.. just go with it.. but be cognizant that the trail aint fun after dark !

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