Tuckermans/Huntinton condition report

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by Phin, Dec 13, 2015.

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    So with some trepidation I headed into Huntington this morning half expecting to just take the tools for a walk and get some training. I left Pinkham at 5:55 am and headed out. I got to the base of the fan just before the sun came up and was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a fair amount of ice in some of the gullies. Left to right:

    Odell's - fat! More on this later
    Pinnacle - a decent amount of early season ice, climbable, def a lot of water moving under everything though, use caution
    Central - a couple of decent drips, however, it appeared that everything disappeared after the first pitch or so, IMHO not climbable/worth it
    Yale - bone dry, a desert
    Damnation - see Yale
    North - see Damnation

    After taking a few recon pictures of Pinnacle and Central I headed over to the safest looking gully to solo, Odell's. At just before 8 I started climbing the right half side. First two pitches were unmolested plastic ice! Perfect! Towards the top I worked to the left. Towards the end of the gully there were a couple of sections, a body length or so each, of detached, hollow ice with a good bit water flow underneath. One good swing and I heard the frightening hollow bongggggg of totally delaminated ice. I climbed delicately past these sections and topped out. Down the Lion Head to the car, got to Pinkham at 10:50. Car to can in under 5 hours...barely.

    On the way down I got a decent look at Tucks, there is definitely still ice there. Some lines actually looked like they could be pretty good. In particular, one line up the head wall and Hillman's.

    Soo, there is ice up high for those who inclined, however, be aware that early season rules definately still apply. Use your head and err on the side of caution or.....just go big and don't bail!!!!

    I will post pictures if I can figure out how to, or send them to whoever wants them.

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    Pics are in media section.
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  3. Max Forbes

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    Good to hear its still there. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Brett

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    Thanks a ton for sharing dude!
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    Awesome thanks for sharing!
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    yup saw the same. i didn't even have the heart to walk into the fan... this week last year i groveled in head high snow below the bulge…it is now a desert..

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