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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Luc-514, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Luc-514

    Luc-514 Member

    Ok, I need some help on my technique.
    I'm often fumbling around trying to get my tool out, hook it on something to re-position my hand on it prior to swinging.
    I generally have to rock back and forth a few times then grab the tool just under the head to pull up and out on it. Generally my lower tool's head is at shoulder height or lower prior to pulling it out, so the bottom handle is pretty low.
    I'm afraid of hitting the bottom of the tool, all I can picture is it popping out sideways and heading down the cliff.
    Is there an easier way to pull out the tool and not having to reset your hand to the bottom hold each time? Maybe a video would be helpful.

    This wasn't an issue with the DMM Switch which were way too easy to pull out but the Fuels are a different and more nimble tool.
  2. Mike R

    Mike R Well-Known Member

    What you're describing is what I've been calling "The Black Diamond shuffle" for years. Watch someone climb with BD tools - their hands are constantly moving up near/on the head to pull it out, then re-gripping back down. I can climb all day on my (1st Gen.) Quarks and Raptors without once taking my hand off the lower grip.

    Now, there are a few folks who have managed to detune their BD picks to avoid this, but the common advice you read online about "tuning your picks" are, IME at least, absolutely and totally ineffective at getting those picks to stop sticking like that.

    PS Cassin picks are second worst, at least until that honkin' beak wears down.
  3. Neelstha

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  4. Bill Kirby

    Bill Kirby Active Member

    I would recommend trying a different tool? You're more experienced than me so I don't know what I can bring to this other than my observations. I wanna ask if you're overdriving your picks.. but I know better haha..

    I too have noticed the Fuels are sticky. I think it's due to the pick angle. They're money on rock not so much on ice. I have also taken a few laps with the Cobras and they cleaned fairly well. The picks were used. I liked the BD Fusions with an ice pick but didn't get enough time on just ice to tell you anything constructive.

    The Grivel Machine Techs are definitely worth a look. Good sticks, not bad to clean, feels strong torquing on them on mixed climbs. But, not enough weight in the head for hard brittle ice.

    I tried out the Trango Raptors as I want a tool for hard brittle ice. I thought the Raptors were harder to clean than a modded Petzl pick, Petzl's Pur'ice pick and the XDreams ice pick or Mixte pick with the beak filed off. The Raptors stick in the ice so well they give me much confidence. I should also admit the Raptors are my second tool.

    The Cassin XDream Mixte pick needs the beak filed off... unless you're out for the day with Ian Osteyee. If that's case you'll be climbing ice so thin you can see through it.

    Hey Luc, I hope this helps. I'm not strong but I get to rock a lotta tools :)
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  5. Luc-514

    Luc-514 Member

    I ended up grabbing a pair of Nomics, with Pur'Ice picks, no issues there! I'm keeping the Ice picks unmodified for thin ice and mixed conditions.

    On another note, I'm selling my Fuels with spare picks. The BD Fusion seem to have been discontinued, replaced with the better balanced Fuel so I shouldn't have any problems getting them picked up by an interested party.

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