They Just don't make Ice Protection Like they use to!

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  1. neiceadmin

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    Thank God!
    Shaun Parent - Eairly ice protection from the 70s 80s.jpg
    Yannick Lockhead Found photo on Wikpedia.jpg

    Thanks Shaun and Yannick for digging up these photos.

    Source: Facebook
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  2. ezed

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    I still carry a snarg with me and have a #1&5 still new in bag, but doubt I'll use them.
  3. pappy

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    I still carry a snarg too.It's especially effective when the second pisses me off--hammer it in a nice crevice or constriction so that they have to chop away a bunch of ice to get clearance to unscrew it. Of course, there's always the chance that they'll say f**k it and leave it there, but then they have to forgo that nice top rope from me.
    The pro is the biggest difference in leading steep ice in the '80s and today, much more than the tools. I can still lead 5-5+ with my Chacals, dunno that I'm that in to doing it again with snargs and those old Chouinard screws.
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