The lake conditions?

Discussion in 'Vermont' started by Juanny, Jan 14, 2018.


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  1. Juanny

    Juanny Member

    Has anyone been up and had a look at the lake after the thaw and rains?
  2. Rockytop

    Rockytop Well-Known Member Northeast Ice Climbing Guide

    Juanny, I was up there yesterday. The place got hit pretty hard but thankfully most of the same routes are still in. (20 Below, Glass, Tablets, Mindbender, etc.) Things are a little thinner now but with fresh ice. Last Gent might be doable via a long thin and likely unprotectable strip of ice but Promenade and other routes in that area are definitely not in.
    For those wanting to know, Called on Account is not really in. Routes on the Big Wall section right of it also did not come in as hoped either.

    Called on Account of Rains, Tuesday, Jan. 16
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  3. Juanny

    Juanny Member

    Thanks for the update Rockytop. That picture of Called is pretty damn awesome! Hopefully it fills in!

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