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    I couldn't seem to find the more detailed specs on them. More specifically I'm looking for the tool length.
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    Hi Zac. Here are the specs on the tools. I've updated our site with all this information as well:
    Weight 1 lb 7.8 oz (675 g)
    Size One Size
    Dimensions Length - 48.26 cm
    Material Densified Beech Laminate / Hardened Tool Steel
    Other Features - Axe comes with a hand finished removable type B Furnace Industries Ice pick
    - Type T Pick available (sold separately)
    - A softer swing as the wood absorbs shock of the pick strike offering increased sensitivity at all temperatures
    - Wood handle offers enhanced grip and thermal insulation
    - Hand finished handle offers multiple grip options
    - The Kronos ice tool has a type T shaft
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    Will you guys be at the ice fest? If so, I'm getting there early!
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    So cool.
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    Talk about going full circle. Back to basics with wood. My first technical tool (if it could be called that) was a Chouinard Climaxe II which had a 50cm curved laminated Bamboo shaft rather than the usual 55cms solid hickory.

    got it rather cheap second and along with a set of foot-fangs 2 (that are still in use) . The reason it was cheap is they de-laminated after only few seasons and fell apart.

    Wish I kept them as they are quite rare as I have never seen another pair.

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