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Discussion in 'New York - North' started by koberdorf, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. koberdorf

    koberdorf New Member

    Anyone been out to see how things are doing?
  2. Kyle N

    Kyle N Member

    Next Sunday I have off, may drive around. So far, I cant imagine anything has built up much yet. What areas you interested in?
  3. koberdorf

    koberdorf New Member

    Was mostly thinking of the salmon. Saw pictures of tinkers online and it has a ways to go. Curious about some of the mellower stuff as well. I know there is some more moderate stuff along the walls of the gorge at carpenters falls, but I haven't been down that way in quite awhile.
  4. Kyle N

    Kyle N Member

    Yeah, Salmon is the one I am most interested in, and the closest. I'm surprised more people dont climb there. 2nd Angel down near High Tor state forest.
  5. koberdorf

    koberdorf New Member

    Its an interesting place, sometimes there is no one there, other times you run into lots of people. It actually has me a bit spooked. We were there one day last year in the amphitheater when a dagger fell very suddenly and almost crushed one of the guys in our group. We took that as an omen and moved down to the little waterfall to climb out and call it a day. No more then 20-30 minutes later, the entire amphitheater collapsed. I was the last one climbing out and could feel the impact through the ice. It was down right terrifying. You could hear water trickling all day, but other than that there was no real indicators that things were in that dangerous of condition. It was also only like 20 degrees that day.

    All that said, I've been there a lot over the last few years and it is usually a pretty good time.
  6. John O

    John O New Member

    This was Tinkers as of Saturday

    Looks like the upper ice fell down but the lower part is forming.
    The pillar was very thin. I wouldn't climb it yet but I am looking forward to it.
  7. howlantj

    howlantj New Member

    Likely heading to the Dacks this weekend to find good ice. But I am curious about Salmon as well. Has anyone been? I climbed Angel last weekend. Was in decent shape, thinnish curtain wall not fully in yet on the right, solid overhang to pull, and a little wet on the upper headwall. But after this week of weather (50 degrees and rain on Tuesday) I wouldn't have high hopes for it honestly. If it's still doing okay I'd expect it to be quite wet. Also remember there's a rap station to climbers right in the trees.

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