Standard Rt. 11.12.17

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    Photo: Arthur Eng sampling the early season ice of Standard Rt. - Doug Millen
    I think this was the earliest I have ever climbed standard Rt. at Frankenstein Cliff NH. Being at low elevation I usually hope to get it around Thanksgiving. We drove through the notch on Saturday to see what we could see and we were pleasantly surprised at all the ice we saw. Standard Rt. looked the best. Saturday night we decided to give it a go. She went! Full screws, only hit rock once or twice with the tools and no shower stalls. Not too wet at all. What a pleasant early season ice climb. The only other person there was Arthur Eng. He drove all the way up from Delaware to sample the early season ice. You have to love the motivation.

    A few photos of the climb - Doug Millen / Arthur Eng

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