Spantik and Phantom 6000 boots

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    AD9B514B-B534-4797-9EF2-7D6B51CD9819.jpeg B3E015A9-5228-4120-8890-25AD3DDF1C81.jpeg 1089A9E7-3821-4F64-975E-3B21689F0C8B.jpeg 6C2D4DC8-CF05-48B6-B7D7-56F71DE2878E.jpeg 44B8DD8A-D3EF-4237-8ED5-0BBE89726214.jpeg 747F5CF4-9FE3-4038-ACDF-407A107E084C.jpeg Spantiks size 44.5. The thin plastic covering gray area on left boot is peeling, doesn’t affect functionality of boot. Otherwise in good used condition. $300 obo.

    Phantom 6000. Believe it or not I can’t find a size anywhere on the boot. Best I can tell you is they fit well on a female who wears Nepal EVO’s in a 40.5. In great shape with no damage. $300 obo.

    Can get you more photos, only able to upload 6. Shoot me a message, I check my email regularly.

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