Smuggs Conditions Report 12-24-16

Discussion in 'Vermont' started by Adventure Spirit Guides, Dec 24, 2016.

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    Skied up the Notch Road this AM. Visibility was limited, so no photos. The basic gist of things is that they look pretty much about where they did last Saturday, before the Great Melt Off. If you weren't around during that period, a general summary would be:
    • All the basic gully climbs in (EHG, ENT, Etc)
    • Grand Confusion/Illusion in
    • Ragna seemed possible higher up, but it actually looked like the start might not be in (again visibility was limited).
    • Jefferson Slide looked generally good, with some steep right hand options starting to be possible.
    • Origins/Watership area in pretty good.
    • Mystery Wall, in but very wet.
    • Central Pillar on Workout Wall looked pretty good (couldn't see if it'd touched down). Looked like much of the left side still needed to build.
    Have a great holiday climbing time!

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