Smuggs Conditions 11-10-17

Discussion in 'Vermont' started by wewidlund, Nov 10, 2017.


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  1. wewidlund

    wewidlund Active Member

    Took a walk up the CLOSED road today and winter is in the notch. 15 degrees, 15 mph. I apologize for the poor photos but I forgot the real camera and the zoom on the phone just isn't that great. Jeff Slide is starting but there is still quite a gap near the cave. ENT (only one I walked up to) might be scratch-able, but don't plan on any gear. Interesting, some of the climbs up towards the Black Sunshine area are forming, and Grand Illusion looks like it might be climbable, but don't count on any gear. I didn't see much on the Stowe side as the blowing snow cut down on visibility. And the road might be skiable if you don't like your skis or care about any control. IMG_3827.jpg IMG_3830.jpg IMG_3844.jpg
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