Smuggs 12/2

Discussion in 'Vermont' started by vince, Dec 3, 2017.


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  1. vince

    vince Member

    Couldn't find any ice partners yesterday so I walked up to hidden gully to see how it was looking. It seemed totally doable so I climbed up to the top of the third pitch. I It's quite thin, with the crux (surprisingly) being scary chest deep snow below the squeeze on pitch two. The first squeeze on pitch one involved some strange but very secure dry tooling as well. The amphitheater is the most "in" right now but it's also quite thin. IMG_0166.JPG
  2. wewidlund

    wewidlund Active Member

    Took a walk up the road Wednesday from the Jeff side on Wednesday after the rain and found some pleasant surprises. The usual, shaded gullies have held up well and the exposed climbs took a fair amount of damage. Be prepared for undercut conditions with the continuing possibility of flowing water and limited protection. The mystery wall, workout wall and guides wall are all forming up and flowing well but not ready for any hammering on yet. The photo of Jeff slide shows that the center column held on and it looks like there may be ice all the way down. I didn't go into ENT but I suspect there is ice, albeit thin. The easier side of the playground was looking good and offers a short approach to some most likely protectable ice, but the columns aren't solid yet. Looking up into Easy gully things may be doable (grand confusion, illusion, etc) but I didn't make that walk. The start to Hidden gully was an active waterfall with ice debris evident for 100 feet downhill. Blue Ice Bulge was looking pretty good (from the road). Ragnarock, Watership Down and Origins were basically non-existent, which doesn't bode well for the South Wall. Terror Tory was looking respectable.

    All in all, not too much damage from the rain, and early season conditions persist. The road was non skiable, and microspikes were helpful as about halfway up the 1 inch thick frozen crust reached side to side.
    Hope to see some photos from folks getting up this weekend.

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