Smuggs 11/12

Discussion in 'Vermont' started by BradP, Nov 12, 2017.


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  1. BradP

    BradP New Member

    Hidden Gulley
    Elephant's Head
    Frank/Mystery Wall
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  2. Did Grand Illusion and Grand Confusion today. GC took good screws the whole way. GI took some stubs in a few key spots enough to keep it fairly tame.. good conditions; the rat was fed!
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  3. Rockytop

    Rockytop Well-Known Member Northeast Ice Climbing Guide

    Nice BradP! Did you send Ragnarok?
  4. BradP

    BradP New Member

    We did first two pitches; ice didn't look great on the third.
  5. Rockytop

    Rockytop Well-Known Member Northeast Ice Climbing Guide

    It certainly looks spicy in your photo! :eek::)
  6. GrandIllusion_11_12_2017.jpg
    Grand Illusion 11/12/2017
    Grand Confusion 11/12/2017
  7. NateFry

    NateFry New Member

    Grand Confusion has built a little more and filled in nicely since the picture above from 11/12. Might take a hit over the next couple of days, but it has some momentum forward.

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