Shoestring Gully conditions

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by Jeremy Woundy, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. Jeremy Woundy

    Jeremy Woundy wown_dee

    Can anyone out there tell me what the condition of shoestring gully on Mt. Webster looks like right now? Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks!!
  2. jkelly

    jkelly New Member

    Just a couple days ago a friend and I did greens up there and it was hip deep snow the whole way to the "ice" (about 30-40' total for the entire climb). I can imagine that after this storm you would encounter similar conditions - a terrible slog for about 20 feet of ice.
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  3. Mr. Rogers

    Mr. Rogers @ninjapornstar on the gram

    Was up there today with another party ahead of me. There’s a boot track in (thanks party ahead of me!), the ice was rather brittle (big surprise, it was 0F at the parking lot at about noon), and the chockstone finish is a bit bony.
    So, to sum up: splendid.

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