Salmon River Falls/CNY - conditions?

Discussion in 'New York - North' started by Nol, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Nol

    Nol Member

    Anyone get a look? Mostly curious about Salmon River Falls is looking. I'm sure Tinker Falls, Little Falls isn't there yet but anyone got surprises? Any info is appreciated
  2. MRHunt

    MRHunt New Member

    Salmon Steak / Ladder not quite in. Top is pretty wet / missing from the rain last week.
    Salmon Runs / Salmon Nation both in, thin but do-able at the top.
    Mate, Spawn, and Die looks in, haven't been on it yet this season.
  3. Nol

    Nol Member

    Thanks for the update. I figured the Tug Hill Plateau was seeing more snow than ice... Looking forward to getting out there in a few weeks

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