Rumney Conditions?

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by guthrie maier, Jan 22, 2016.


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  1. guthrie maier

    guthrie maier New Member

    Has anyone stopped by Rumney lately? Was wondering how the ice is coming along there. Thanks for any reports!

  2. Lucas Weiss

    Lucas Weiss Active Member

    Saw Art Mooney's pics from yesterday or today. Selsun Blue, Geographic Factor, Frankie Lee, all in and looked good.
  3. Austin Mills

    Austin Mills New Member

    With all of the warm weather the last few weeks it was in pretty poor shape this weekend (out there on 2/5). Did a couple of lines but not much going on in the area due to south facing cliffs.
  4. Lucas Weiss

    Lucas Weiss Active Member

    rumney looks dead right now, but there is good ice to climb at Newfound lake. Bloodline was fat. and the route in the next gully over.
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