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  1. mike

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    new to ice climbing, going to be in the whites February. trying to go for a light package, half ropes around 8.5mm. question is on length? mainly easy climbs low angle and low grade. 50 meter half rope setup or 60 meter. trying to save weight as these will be used in future for some alpine rock climbs. i understand the trade off of shorter length vs more belays and so forth. just wanted to hear what a typical rope setup used is. thanks
  2. Mike R

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    While I'm not that familiar with NH ice routes, I would strongly recommend that you go 60m. It really is the standard these days, and when a book says you can rappel with one rope, that is assuming it's a 60. If you buy 50s, I can pretty much guarantee one of two things: you'll either buy 60s within a year or two, or your partners won't want to use your ropes and they'll sit gathering dust.
  3. shoo

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    Absolutely 60+ m. 50m is too short for NH. I mean, you could get away with it most of the time, but why?

    I'm currently rocking 70m doubles. That's unnecessarily long for almost everything, but it gives me the option of using a 70m half as a single for fast and light alpine stuff (not what it's made for, blah blah etc. etc.). And on the occasions where the extra length lets me run pitches together and skip rappels, the time savings is waaaaaaay more worth it than the extra bit of weight.

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