repair material for old Scarpa Inverno boot cuff

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by sandstone, Jan 17, 2018.


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  1. sandstone

    sandstone New Member

    I've got an old pair of Scarpa Inverno plastic boots that I'll never wear again, but I keep them around to loan out to friends who don't have ice gear. The purple cuff of the shell has a bad tear, and I'd like to repair it, or replace the cuff. Has anybody done this?

    I did google searches on repairing Invernos (and Vega, the European name for this boot) and came up with nothing.

    The plastic cuff is molded from Pebax (polyether block amide). On the Loctite website I found that their 401 Prism cyanoacrylate glue will bond well with Pebax. If I had a thin sheet of pebax (or similar material that will bond well with Loctite 401) I could glue a patch over the tear. So far I've come up blank on finding material to use for the patch. Any ideas?


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