Rain, Rain go away!

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by neiceadmin, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. neiceadmin

    neiceadmin Doug Millen Staff Member

    A cold rain falling today at Twin Mt. The high temperatures this week and rain took out any ice that was forming in the low elevations . Hopefully things will change with this next system. Snow and colder temperatures are forecasted for the region. Headed up to Tucks. Tomorrow. I will let you know what I see.
  2. Flashpump

    Flashpump Member

    Took the tools for a walk into Tux yesterday (saturday) hoping it was going to be cooling down and i wanted to break-in my new pack...nothing but delaminated icicles. Maybe a few spot on Hillman's would have offred some sticks but I was too dejected to try and hike back down, then up from the base of the ravine. Water was still pouring everywhere...just finished the Tux trail and headed back down lion head. Nice sun to finish off the day though...Hope you find some, Doug!

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