Pinnacle gully 11/26 and lost rope

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by Gustoml1, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Gustoml1

    Gustoml1 New Member

    Great conditions yesterday even with higher temps! Able to place a full rack of screws on every pitch! The top is still thin with turf shots at the exit, but the ice just below is very good. We were one of 3 parties to climb the route.

    Unfortunately one of our sterling duetto 8.4 (brand new) fell of my fiances backpack somewhere between the top and alpine garden. If you carried it all the way down and would be willing to give it back we will make sure you are rewarded!
  2. BenNEK

    BenNEK New Member

    I found your rope and brought it down! Where do you live? I am near lake willoughby, but head to Utah tomorrow for a week...
  3. Gustoml1

    Gustoml1 New Member

    Unreal! Thanks so much for reaching out! We have a place in Madison, NH. Can we throw you some cash to mail it? My # is 207 356 6164. We'll do whatever is convenient for you!

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