Pinnacle Gully 11-15-15

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by Max Forbes, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Max Forbes

    Max Forbes Member

    Climbed Pinnacle after Zac on Sunday. Conditions were pretty barren as mentioned. Thin to non-existant ice, and lots of running water made for an interesting day. Placed more pins than screws. Small cams to BD #1 were extremely helpful. Climbing was super fun, but be prepared for adverse conditions.

    As for the rest of the ravine, O'dells was filling well, and the first pitch looked climbable. Central looked full of mostly snow, some ice at the crux. Yale and Harvard bulges were in pretty fat, but the gullies above were not looking as good. The ice is definitely coming in though. North seemed to have filled in pretty quickly as well, but the start didn't seem to be there. Hopefully it stays cold up there but it looks like conditions will hold and allow everything to continue to build.

    At the P2 Belay...

    Pitch 1
    Pitch 2
    Pitch 3
    Top Out
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  2. Member

    Glad yall went for it. Nice work.
  3. leaf

    leaf Moderator

    Nice work to you both! Thanks for Huntington UPdate.
  4. TheIceIsNice

    TheIceIsNice Member

    looks spicy, nice job! Did you get a look at tuckerman headwall coming down lionshead or did you descend a different way?
  5. Max Forbes

    Max Forbes Member

    As we topped out visibility dropped to about 1/8th of a mile and we couldn't see much of anything.
  6. Member

    I noted the headwall had some ice but nothing fully formed.
  7. samyyy

    samyyy New Member

    Any picture of the area? going for a long drive next week end and i would really like some visual motivation!
  8. Max Forbes

    Max Forbes Member

    This is really all I have. I wouldn't expect much to change by next weekend. I would imagine everything will thicken a bit more, but I would anticipate similar conditions based on the weather.
  9. AThomas

    AThomas Member

    Nice work Max's party and Zac. I'd love to redo Pinnacle this winter -- preferably in thicker conditions. :p

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