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Discussion in 'Gear Talk / Reviews' started by mike gillam, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. mike gillam

    mike gillam Member

    I have 1st generation quarks. 2 questions for those who may know...Petzl told me that the new ice picks would fit, but I most of what I have read says that is not correct? Has anyone swung the new version? Pros & cons
  2. Mike R

    Mike R Well-Known Member

    First Gen Quarks can not use current picks (though they might be shareable betw. the Nomic and current Quark). Cascade picks for Gen1 Quarks are getting hard to find.
  3. mike gillam

    mike gillam Member

    They were getting very hard to I picked up set of 2nd generations quarks! Hopefully get to swing them next weekend!
  4. Mike R

    Mike R Well-Known Member

    I'm selling my spare, UNUSED Quark picks (yes, the Cascade pick for the 1st Gen. Quarks) if OP or anyone else is interested. $60 each + shpg.
  5. rockanice

    rockanice Member

    Thanks, I'll take them. How many available ?

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