Old fart wants to get out on the Maine crags.

Discussion in 'Partners' started by ccaissie, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. ccaissie

    ccaissie Member

    My younger climbing partners decided to hook up with each other this summer and depart, so I'm left holding the rope. Mostly familiar with the Camden Maine ice, have been to Grafton Notch and up O'dell's and Pinnacle. Have done Pamola 4 (summer) and Camden rock. Was just on the knife edge thinking about a Winter traverse, and gully climb. Have been on lotsa NE Winter summits. Got into the technical climbing as a means to fill in my main interest in general mountaineering.

    I'd like to find a partner for working together and sharpening on the basics of multi-pitch climbing together. I've climbed 5.10 in the gym and 5.9 on rock, lots of top rope and have led 5.7. I'm not as old, or as good as Beckey...but who is?

    Now that summer's over, time to hit the gym and restore strength and flex.

    So, looking for a partner(s), any age or gender to work with, starting with some real refresher basics of top rope, rock and low ice and working back up from there. Build relationship, skill and trust. Have basic rock gear, and screws, Koflach/Grivel gear, single dry rope, etc.

    Give me a jingle and let me know if you're into taking it easy and safe, and getting to know some moderate climbs in the Midcoast Maine area, and maybe some more ambitious stuff.

    Am I allowed to ask, "No stoners, please"?
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  2. Sean Smith

    Sean Smith New Member

    Hey I'm located in Bath Maine and I'd love to climb with you, easy and safe and then building up from there sounds perfect. If you want to get in touch text me at 518-847-3524.
  3. ccaissie

    ccaissie Member

    Way cool. Any chance you can get to EVO in Portland for (a)Thursday afternoon(s)? Otherwise, what's a good objective for you? Are you familiar with the Camden layout? I like Barrett's, Verticals and the Outback climbs were just starting to make sense to me. Recon of the crags might be a first fun thing. Cataracts, and Barretts for ice.

    I hear there are crags down your way, too. I mostly work out of Ben Townsend/Alan Reese's 'Camden rock and ice climbs" which is due to be updated...no Outback climbs listed. You can still get a copy at Mainesports in Rockport.
  4. Sean Smith

    Sean Smith New Member

    I have that book as well, I've done some TR on the Old Spice slab of Barretts. I can not make Evo on a Thursday afternoon, but a recon in Camden would probably work.
  5. Robert Plucenik

    Robert Plucenik New Member

    So how old is old? I am recently retired (59 yrs. old) and want to dedicate as much time as possible to my climbing. Whether it's ice, rock, alpine, or just bagging peaks, my goal is to use the next years in the hills. I am confident we can help each other out here. I guess I'd say I am a solid moderate climber with decades of experience throughout the Western Hemisphere. Text or call me at 8603778426. Let's talk.

  6. MFochesato

    MFochesato Member

    Add me to your list. Ramping up for ice season. I've climbed at Camden, rock and ice, multiple times.

    I'm usually at EVO Tuesday and Thursday nights. Feel free to contact me to chat more about climbing.

    Mark F.
  7. ccaissie

    ccaissie Member

    Looking good. Texted all to see about a meetup in camden to check out cataract and barrett's this Sunday. Recon, maybe find some climbable ice?

    C 248-2201

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