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Discussion in 'MA / CT' started by MarkDroy, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. MarkDroy

    MarkDroy Is it ice yet?

    Anyone climbing in the Mt Tom quarry?
  2. wynn

    wynn New Member

    I have not been in there last two seasons, but that black Mt. Tom trap rock and southern exposure did not hold the ice well, I was a 15' off the deck on the rear wall when a big section peeled off to my side a few years ago. That was enough for me, I was nervous about it to begin with being rope-less but could not resist it. Maybe someone bold has nailed it already? It's a few minutes drive from the in-laws so when in town I was in there by 8. Hate the extra hike since they razed and fenced the old park.
  3. MarkDroy

    MarkDroy Is it ice yet?

    MtTomQuarry.JPG I was in there late spring and there was a good flow of ice on the north-facing wall (too late to be climbed). I went by on 8Jan (picture) and the east-facing wall was in the works, but I'll bet it's melted out and dry by now.
    I'm about 15 minutes (plus the mile hike from the gate) away.
    Between the quality of the rock and the quality of the ice, a top rope might be more challenging for the belayer.

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