more southern VT stash

Discussion in 'Vermont' started by powderjew, Feb 3, 2018.


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  1. powderjew

    powderjew Member

    cold cold cold this am but well worth the hike in....... IMG_0560.jpg IMG_0563.jpg
  2. gunnar

    gunnar Member

    If you want to divulge your secret spots let me know! I'm from Manchester, living in Hanover now, but would love to check out so SoVT ice if it comes back
  3. powderjew

    powderjew Member

    Gunnar, I am happy to let you in on the goods if only ma nature would COOPERATE!!!!! Damn we went from crag city to dead city in a short amount of time. I am headed out this afternoon to check on some spots around the rt 30 corridor. If anything survived I will let you know! By chance have you checked out the quarry by you behind the vet clinic on 89 south?
  4. gunnar

    gunnar Member

    I haven't. Heard it's a fun spot if you don't have much time though. Looks like we may be waiting until next season to get back after, at least down your way.
  5. Chugach001

    Chugach001 New Member

    Nice. Hit me up next winter, I'm in Dorset and know some of the gems.

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