Looking to make some contacts in NH

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by Will Murphy, Dec 21, 2016.


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  1. Will Murphy

    Will Murphy New Member

    Ive relocated to Whitefield, NH and looking to get back to ice climbing. I have a basic kit and mostly 2nd experience.
    My background
    1. Climbed Mts Shasta, Whitney, Adams, Rainier. Also in Canada Athabasca, Andromeda, Haddo, Stanley.
    2. Modest Ice climbing in NE.
    3. Lots of Backcountry skiing, approaches, etc (Tucks, GofS, etc, Vt, )
    Looking to get out again.

    If you're interested let me know.

  2. Lucas Weiss

    Lucas Weiss Active Member

    Hey will,
    I am looking for a partner for tomorrow. Thinking willard or shoestring.
  3. Eshaw

    Eshaw Member

    Hey Lucas,

    I'm waiting to hear back from someone about climbing tomorrow - but if that doesn't workout and you still need someone, I would love to get out tomorrow. Shoot me a text if you're interested. 603 733 9671

    - eric
  4. Will Murphy

    Will Murphy New Member

    Hi Lucas

    sorry, i messed up on the reply to your post. Anyway, if you're still around, I'm good to go for Monday. My number is 802-734-0312.

  5. Lucas Weiss

    Lucas Weiss Active Member

    Sorry Will, sorry i missed this. Let me know when you want to climb. I lead up to 3+

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