Looking for partners. Here for the season!

Discussion in 'Partners' started by Westley Shaffer, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. Evening all, I am in the Conway area through March. Looking to put a lot of mileage on the tools this season. Experience climbing snow and ice up to WI3+, leading on WI2+. Willing to drive a few hours if needed. Feel free to reach out!
  2. Fasthills

    Fasthills New Member

    Im In Conway too, have quite a flexible schedule between now and March!
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  3. Robert Plucenik

    Robert Plucenik New Member

    Sounds good. Climbing ice, rock, and alpine for many...many years. I'm available any time of the week.

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  4. mikegillam

    mikegillam New Member

    I am available with a little notice (retired), since I am driving from Ohio.
  5. Marco Herrera

    Marco Herrera New Member

    @Westley Shaffer , @Fasthills, @Robert Plucenik
    I'm planning a trip to Conway from Nov-28 to Dec-1 and would be great to partner up with you guys. Let me know if you are available during these dates. I lead WI3 M4 and feel I could go for a WI4 this season.
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  6. Tim Anderson

    Tim Anderson New Member

    Looking for a Mt. Washington partner tomorrow, Thursday 11/21. If you're interested let me know as soon as possible. 215-806-4113
  7. Bernard 514

    Bernard 514 Member

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for partners to climb in the Conway area namely at Frankenstein, Mount Willard and Mount Willey this winter. I am coming from Montreal Canada. I would like to make 2-3 trips to the area throughout the winter and get at least two days of climbing during each trip.

    I mostly climb in Quebec, the Adirondacks and Smugglers Notch. I lead WI3+ and follow WI4.

    If anyone wants to connect to discuss further and plan an outing, please respond on this thread or by private message. Looking forward to meeting new fellow climbers.
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  8. Brian Rowe

    Brian Rowe New Member

    Hi @Bernard 514 if you're interested in climbing in the Adirondacks, I'm game. I'm at the same skill level as you. With a few days notice I can climb mid-week in addition to weekends.
  9. mbaham

    mbaham Member

    Hi, I'm available mid week possibly Tue & Wed 2/11-12 in Adirondacks. Have led NEI4 but this would be first outing of season after an injury so would lead up to 3 but happy to follow any grade/toprope. Have all gear. Let me know. Thanks.

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