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Discussion in 'Partners' started by charlie barker, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Hello all, as the season is coming in I was hoping to find someone that would like to go out and do some climbing in the Rumney, Cannon, and Crawford Notch area. With a change in job came a change in schedule. I’m now only able to get out on weekends and was hoping to find someone with the same schedule.

    I’m 52 and have been climbing most of my life but have only been doing waterfall ice for 5-6 years now. Looking for some one who doesn’t need to worry about there ego and enjoys being out in the woods and Mt’s.

    Interested in either quick pitches at Rumney or maybe a day going up Lincolns throat. Let me know
  2. piste

    piste New Member

    Sent you a message.
  3. Robert Plucenik

    Robert Plucenik New Member

    Down here in NE CT and recently retired so I've got plenty of time to devote to climbing I'm 59 with several decades of experience. Weekends can work for me. Days or weekends are fine.

  4. mike gillam

    mike gillam Member

    In Ohio, 57, retired and experience. I just need a little advanced notice.
  5. Ohio?
  6. Well not sure what this recent weather has done but text me and let’s set up a time if your headed up this way
  7. mike gillam

    mike gillam Member

    Yep. About 20 miles west of Cleveland. Can't make it this weekend, but was in the dacks this past Saturday. With the weather, cold, then rain, then lots of snow, I am sure there will be lots of variability in the ice.
  8. David Ly

    David Ly Member

    Sent message
  9. Lindsay Rohrbaugh

    Lindsay Rohrbaugh New Member

    Building a cabin in Campton, so we are up at least one weekend a month and looking to ice climb. My fiance Andy leads up to WI3, and I've been following ice for 4 years. Let us know if you are going one weekend and need a partner.

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