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Discussion in 'Partners' started by TMS8C8, Feb 8, 2021.

  1. TMS8C8

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    I'm piggybacking a bit on Sean Smith's post (https://www.neice.com/xenforo/index.php?threads/looking-for-a-partner-in-maine.2166/) but with slightly different details:

    I've got a smattering of basic gear, including mountaineering axe, pair of ice hammers, rope, handful of screws, nuts, some snow pickets, etc.

    My interest is primarily in mountaineering and tried my hand at Mount Shuksan in the Cascades via Fisher Chimneys in August of 2019 but had to turn back short of the summit because my partner got sick. We had planned on going back in 2020 but... well we all know what happened in 2020! Prior to that, I took a multi-day mountaineering course and later a real basic rock climbing course with SMG. Otherwise, I've been hiking and scrambling throughout the Whites and playing around on low grade snow / ice (up to WI2+) but definitely can't call myself a true ice climber or mountaineer at this point. Just an amateur wanting to learn and grow.

    So I'm also looking either for a vet climber who has enough patience to teach a newbie or a fellow newb who wants to have some fun wandering around in the snow, looking for ice to climb safely! I'm definitely not too proud to top rope and make some laps on easy stuff.

    Weekends are preferred but can be flexible. I know there aren't too many more weekends left before things start to melt out but even just making some contacts in the community with the plan of meeting up next year would be great.

  2. Jeremy

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    Hi Tom,

    I'll send you a DM. I'm based in Portsmouth and also prefer weekend schedules. While neither a vet or a newb (I lead WI3 comfortably), I’ve done a lot of climbing in the White Mountains and generally just enjoy getting outside and meeting new people.


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