Left Hand Monkey Wrench 12/3

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by rockgirl, Dec 4, 2016.

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    My husband and I decided to beat the odds yesterday and take a chance on Left Hand Monkey Wrench yesterday (12/3). Unfortunately, the ice gods weren't with the us. The trail up to LHMW was all running water, so we had to bush whack our way up to the climb. Once we got there, there was some thin, melted ice to the left. There was running water under it, and detaching before our eyes. We took a few swings on the ice, and it all detached off. We put the ice back so it could re-bond. The top had two small pillars to the right, that I'm sure had water running underneath it. The middle part of the top of the climb was a waterfall. We need some more cold air, and then maybe it will GO!

    Other climbs we saw:
    Shoestring- Two cars parked in front of. Maybe there was some ice?
    Cinema- Just wet rock
    Landslide- Just wet rock
    Willey's Slide- Speckled with a light dusting of snow
    Elephant Head- Running water (some ice towards the top left, but nothing to climb on)
    Flume- Running water
    Silver Cascade- Running water

    Everything at Frankenstein Cliff's is depressing!!! No ice at ALL on Pegasus or Chia!!!
    Smear had a little ice at the top
    Trestle slabs and Practice Slabs are wet rock
    Standard Route had a little ice on the 1st pitch, but not in.
    Dracula- Just a little ice at the top (not in).

    Pray for cold weather!!

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    Looks fat! Just think of it as if you had swung, just so much more delicately, it would not have detached and the ice gods would have responded by allowing access! Otherwise, when in doubt climb the turf! All kidding aside, thanks for putting the ice back... the cold is coming!

    Shoestring had ice in it, though I climbed the first several hundred feet or so after the usual start to the climbing as a very wet rock climb... and I thought I'd climbed that thing in every possible condition... this was a first.

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